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2022 Recap & 2023 Plans - Exciting Things Coming

Happy New Year!

I hope all your holidays were great and you were able to get some time to rest, spend with loved ones, and have some delicious food! I had some much-needed relaxation, attended my friends' beautiful wedding in northern Saskatchewan, and am now very excited to start the new year!



This year was unforgettable in so many ways. I busted my butt to finish my commerce degree in December, started working in my field, met my first niece who is the cutest and sassiest girl I know, took an amazing trip to Ireland with my partner, Brock, got Covid twice this fall, spent time with great friends, and of course, ate great food!

I recently finished my degree in commerce and have begun my part-time (and now full-time) job in HR - both of which have required all of my attention for the past few months. However, I now have the ability to focus on reviving and expanding Em's Prairie Kitchen!

After a few months of taking time off the blog, I am very excited to be back. I have been in the kitchen this entire time, but have just not been able to keep up with creating recipes and content that I miss dearly. Cooking and baking is something that I have always enjoyed and I want to be able to share that with all of you again.


2023 Plans

New Recipes

Of course, we will be back to sharing recipes on the blog and the how-to's on Instagram stories. If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow Em's Prairie Kitchen! The first brand-new recipe will be on the blog in just a couple of days.

Meal Plans

We will release more 4-week meal plans throughout the year that include original Em's Prairie Kitchen recipes, exclusive recipes, weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and meal prep strategies. The meal plans are made to make cooking more enjoyable, meal planning less stressful, and hopefully save you a few dollars in your grocery budget!

Meal & Grocery Planning Templates

For those who are already confident in their meal-planning capabilities and recipes, these reusable templates will allow you to organize your weekly meal plans and grocery lists in your choice of colour.

More Exciting Projects

I can't share too much yet but I am excited to begin these upcoming projects and share more about them with you all later in the year.

Keep up with everything going on around here by signing up for the email newsletter or becoming a member to receive updates on recipes, meal plans, and any other announcements.

I am looking forward to what 2023 has in store for Em's Prairie Kitchen and building our community even more! Thank you all for being here and sticking with me. I hope you all enjoy the recipes to come and everything we have to offer this year!

Here's to a good one!



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