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​Hello and thanks for being here!


My name is Emily Heppner, and I'm the face, brain, and creator behind Em's Prairie Kitchen. 


I grew up in a small farming community in northern Saskatchewan with my three older siblings and parents. My two older sisters and mom always ruled the kitchen, giving me a chance to learn many things - like not to put two cups of baking powder in a least that memory gives us a good laugh now. When the last of my older siblings left home to go to high school elsewhere, I quickly took my share of the family workload while my parents were running the farm. Some of that work was on the farm, but some was in the kitchen. This allowed me to learn how our food is produced, and how to prepare it, and to have appreciate for our farmers.

The skills I learned through these experiences allowed me to cook decent food during my months spent travelling alone after high school. However, once I was at university, I tried to apply as much creativity as I could within my tight budget to avoid becoming bored with my everyday meals. It was then that I realized that food had never just been a source of survival for me, but a major source of enjoyment.


During my time at university, I had part-time jobs, summer jobs, a full time class load, and many other things on the go. It was during this time that I found myself with no other choice than to get my food situation organized, Because really, that seemed like one of the only parts of my life that I could control and if I did, I could spend much less time and money on food. Since I've finished university, my life life is still nothing short of busy so you can bet I'm still using my meal planning techniques today. 


Food is something that I use as an outlet for my creativity, to socialize with my friends, and to show the people in my life that I care about them. It seems like almost every significant milestone or meaningful moment in my life was shared over food.

I am so passionate about sharing my favourite recipes, new kitchen tips, and how I was able to achieve organization and joy in the kitchen without feeling overwhelmed.​ While you're here, I hope you see something you love, try new things, and get inspired. 

Love and cookies, 


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