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8 Kitchen Essentials You Can't Live Without

Updated: May 27, 2023

The 8 kitchen tools you can't live without if you plan on doing any cooking, baking, or food preparation.

I've included links for all of my favourite tools, or duplicates for the ones I love - most of which from Canadian Tire (yes they have great kitchen tools there), Walmart, and Amazon. Also included are a couple options for most with different price ranges to accommodate any budget that you're filling your kitchen with!

Good Knives

Mid-Range Option: 13-Piece Knife Set - Walmart

A good set of knives is a must for anyone who will be eating at home. You will use these for almost everything you do in your kitchen. It's worth it to pay a bit now so have a good set that you can count on lasting a long time and get the job done well. I have the set linked set and I really like it. It comes with built-in sharpeners for the larger knives which is super handy!

Cutting Board

A splurge option for a cutting board because sometimes it's nice to have something that lasts a long time, gets the job done well, and is great quality.

I personally like to have a cheaper option because cutting boards aren't really something I care for being expensive or super high quality. This is the first set I ever owned back in university and have had it ever since. The wooden one is great for serving and the white one is great for actually cutting. 2-in-1!

Dutch Oven

Whether is a cast-iron dutch oven, or one you got in a pots and pans set, a dutch oven is very useful. You can use it to cook any dish on the stove and transfer to the oven without using more dishes, or burning a part of the pan...It happens.

Stand or Hand Mixer

Splurge Option: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

If you plan on doing any baking, or really just plan on mixing many things in the near future, this is very much worth it! I love a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Such great quality and lasts a long time (I think my Mom has had hers for 15-20 years (???). Worth it.

We all love a cheap option so if you're in the market for a mixer, a small hand mixer is a great place to start. This one is regularly $60 but can find it on sale once in a while.

Non-Stick Baking Sheets

Budget Option: Baking Sheet Set of 3

You will likely be using these for almost anything - sheet pan meals, chicken breasts, sheet cakes, cookies...really the list goes on. Whatever you use them for, it's great to have an option that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, it's so much better to not spend 30 minutes scrubbing it clean after which is why I recommend the non-stick.

Storage Containers

Mid-Range Options: 16-Piece Glass Container Set

To me, the glass containers are worth it, especially if you'll be warming up your food in this containers. They also last a lot longer and don't give your food a weird taste when store/warmed in them.

If you're like me, you're probably sick of your Glad or Rubbermaid plastic container spilling it's liquid contents all over your bag. Sometimes it's just nice to have a few lock-in containers and if you can't do the glass ones, these are a great option.


Mid-Range Option: Heritage The Rock Saucepan

Back when I was stocking my kitchen a couple years ago, I bought a Heritage The Rock set of 5 with saucepans and a skillet. Anything that I've tried of this brand has been amazing. Easy to clean and great quality. You will likely be able to find a great sales on this brand at Canadian Tire once in a while.

Any stainless steel option at any price point that you can find should be great, as long as you look at the reviews.

Mixing Bowls

Everyone needs some good mixing bowls. You will use them for baking, seasoning vegetables, mixing salads, and storing food. These suckers come with lids so you can use it for all kinds of things. These best part?? You get 5 bowls of different sizes that come with lids and grater attachments, all for less than $50.

This is just a starter kit for anyone starting in the kitchen, so there are a few other things I could recommend. But this is a great place to start. If there is anything you think I missed, drop a comment below and let me know what your kitchen necessities are!

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