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5 Tips for Making Your Boxed Brownies Amazing

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Boxed brownies are good (and easy!), but here are my 5 tips to making your boxed brownies AMAZING. They're almost as good as homemade brownies.

If you're anything like me, brownies are one of your favourite sweets to enjoy. They're so easy to make, especially if you use boxed brownies. And either way, they always take good. My favourite types of brownies are crinkle top, fudgy, buttery, chocolaty, and not too sweet - but just the right amount.

If you do have some boxed brownies in your pantry to use up, or boxed brownies are the only type of baking that doesn't intimidate you, I've done some work to find out what really makes them amazing.

With that, here are 5 easy things that will really level up your boxed brownies.

Tip #1 - Use butter instead of oil

I know, this may break your normal baking rule of using oil in cakes and brownies, but once you use this tip, you won't go back. It's an easy swap and it's worth it.

Use the same amount of melted butter as the box calls for oil. The butter will make the brownies takes a bit more decadent than the oil and a bit more buttery flakes. It will also make them more fudgy and taste more homemade than your regular boxed brownie.

Tip #2 - Add vanilla

Like most baking, vanilla adds a more complex flavour and enhances the overall flavour of the brownies.

Tip #3 - Add your favourite mixings

My favourite thing to add to my brownies is walnuts. If you want a little something extra in your brownies too, add your favourite mixings like chocolate chips, peanut butter swirls, chopped kitkats, or whatever you like!

Tip #4 - Substitute water with coffee

Yes, your read that right. Instead of adding water, use the same amount of coffee at room temperature. If you're not a coffee drinker this may turn you off, but I will say that I don't really taste the coffee at all, it just makes the brownies more rich.

Tip #5 - Under-bake the brownies

I usually recommend baking your brownies for 2-3 minutes less than what's recommended on the box recipe. The reason why I do this is that the brownies will still bake for the remaining hour that it "cools", so taking it out a couple of minutes early will allow it to continue to cook and cool but still remain fudgy in the middle.


Tried these tips? Let me know if you have any of your own tips!

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