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Em's Holiday Goodie Boxes

Get ready to unwrap the sweetest season of the year with Em's Holiday Goodie Boxes – a collection of handcrafted goodies that will sprinkle your holiday gatherings with delectable prairie classics.

That's right. Em's Prairie Kitchen is coming to you

This holiday season, I've curated a spectacular assortment of my absolute favourite holiday bakes and indulgent chocolate barks, designed to sprinkle joy and deliciousness wherever they go. From the warmth of freshly baked cookies to the decadence of artisanal chocolate creations, each treat in Em's Holiday Goodie Boxes is crafted with love. 


Picture this: a medley of festive flavors to accompany your holidays, from classic spiced gingersnaps to the rich, velvety goodness of dark chocolate bark. Whether you're gifting these boxes to loved ones or treating yourself to a well-deserved festive indulgence, Em's Holiday Goodie Boxes are the perfect way to share the sweetness of the season.


Where your goodie box belongs

Here's what's inside


When you can get a box

Orders are currently open, until Dec. 7th or until soldout!

You can now order a goodie box for pickup in Saskatoon* for the following dates:

Saturday, Dec 2nd

Sunday, Dec 3rd

Saturday, Dec 16th

Sunday, Dec 17th

There are limited quantities available so be sure to get your order in!

*If you can't pickup in Saskatoon these date, please click the button below to get more details.

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